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Samsung washer stops several times during a cycle and needs to be restarted by pressing the button

(Topic created on: 27-08-2022 06:25 PM)
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As stated above in the subject....It takes hours to finish ONE load. I start it before I go to bed (it says 58mins remaining) and I get up the next morning and it has stopped with 46mins still on it. I hit the start/pause button, then it starts up again. I go downstairs to work on something else, come back 40 minutes later and it has stopped AGAIN at 33min. This is an on-going thing. 3-4 hours to finish a load of laundry is unacceptable! What is going on?? Can someone....ANYONE...give me a reason OR better yet, a SOLUTION to this problem? I can wash my entire wardrobe, towels, and bed sheets in the amount of time it is taking to finish ONE load!!