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Samsung washer Series 9 auto dispenser - stain removal

(Topic created on: 27-04-2023 12:59 PM)
I have just got the Samsung Series 9 WW90T986DSH/S1 washing machine. 
I'm using the auto dispenser so liquid detergent and softener in the relevant compartments.

However.....Where do I put liquid/gel stain remover please? 
1. Can it go in the detergent compartment with the liquid detergent?

2. If I do add to the detergent drawer, I use 2 different stain removers for colours or whites so dont really think its an option if it is possible? Im not sure stain remover would mix evenly with the detergent anyway? 

2. I wondered whether I should add it to the manual section but will the machine still auto dispense my liquid and Softener?

3. The other option is to put it in a ball in the drum with my washing with just the stain remover in but worried it won't wash evenly?

I really want to use the auto dispenser but just need to find a way to add my colour stain remover or my stain remover for whites depending on the wash. 

All help and advice gratefully appreciated. 
I'm in the UK

Thank you

Thank you for your reply. Our clothes are rarely marked just the odd stain.

I used powder laundry detergent with my previous washer so added a small scoop of vanish stain remover powder (coloured or white) to my powder laundry detergent as you are meant to in the detergent compartment.

This is the first time in 30 years I've used liquid detergent and just want to keep my washing as good as it has always been so really wanted a liquid alternative so I can use the auto dispenser.

Thank you for your tips

Have you thought of just using the features that already come with your samsung washing machine there are plenty of them for removing stains out of laundry without the use of third party stain removal liquid.

You have for a start (on most cycles) ecobubble. The water / soap detergent and air (oxygen) all mix together from the start of the wash and this is supposed to lift stains straight from the laundry even on a cold wash (I know I sound like an advert for Samsung sorry) 

Then you have a pre-wash feature in the menu , you could also try that see how that works out. 

Then you have an 'intensive' setting on some wash cycles - you could try that and see how it works with stains (it extends the wash time - and possibly drum agitation too)

Then if that wasnt enough your new washing machine has 'Bubble soak' - again extends the time of the cycle but soaks your garments in a load of bubbles in the drum (like you would soak clothes in a bowl to remove stains) . 

Then - if all that lot fails to get rid of stains (which I would be amazed at) you also have (if your garments are strong enough for it) 'Steam' option to add to the wash cycle if you wish (some cycles) to lift stains and remove odours. 
Plus you can adjust the 'detergent for wash' to Maximum in the settings. 
This is where those 90T models excel really , so many options built into these models , all at your disposal - all built in to your purchase . Extremely good value for money and a huge amount of features and options these models really. 

I am sure after a while you will find what options work well at getting rid of stain removal ... you might even find you save all that money not having to buy those 3rd party removal liquids any more at all. 

Good Luck.

Brilliant! Thank you.
I've only had the machine a few days so still learning all its options so will have a good look at the features I've not seen yet.
Thanks again
First Poster

I think I need a lesson in how to use my machine