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samsung washer dryer do not buy as samsung use domex

(Topic created on: 16-12-2019 02:29 PM)
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Hello everyone.

My name is Chris and i am a disabled ex driving instructor, i have sever mobillity problems and also suffer from bladder control, which causes me to have toilet accidence.

I have an over night carer to help with these issues.

So i really relie on having a quillity washer dryer, that is why i choose Samsung.

I have brought a lot of samsung products,  £5000 worth of products around my house.

I spent an extra £300 on a new washer dryer it is now 3 years old.

It stopped working over a week ago. i rang Samsung and a lady helped correct it. then an hour later it stopped working altogether. I phoned them back for an engineer visit

i waited until last Friday ( A week without a washer dryer ) for an engineer to come and replace the program boardboard. Very nice engineer, polite and helpful. an hour after he left my home it started going wrong. when i put the dryer on it suddenly changes the program.

I turned the program dial to 1 hour drying and nothing happends for 12 minutes apart from a loud noise then it starts spinning after 12 minutes. so i can not use the dryer.

Also when the washer program does work it says an hour but it goes on for an half hour extra. which should not happen. When it does work.

I phoned Samsung Friday after the engineer visit and was told someone will call me bach from Domex to arrange another visit. While talking to Domex the call was ended at the Domex end.

No one called me back on Friday and i waited Saturday and Sunday.

So i waited until Monday mid day to call Samsung back to find out what is going on.

I was asked to hold on the line and Samsung i will call Domex for me to see what is going on.

While waiting, suddenly i received a text from Domex saying Engineer visit is booked for next Friday. I then rang Domex as agreed with Samsung to try and get an engineer quicker, as it will be two weeks since my washer dryer has worked.

When i phoned Domex the told me the quickest they can send an engineer was the 23rd of December. Another week away. I replied i already have a date the 20th of December.

but i am phoning because i can not wait another week, because of my toilet issues at bed time,

I have three lots of bedding i need to wash and i am now sleeping on towels on my bed.

I am warning everyone who wants to buy a Samsung product, their engineer company that Samsung send do not even know what they are sending to their customers and are letting Samsung down badly.

For two weeks i now have no washer dryer because Samsung choose to work with such a poor company, Domex.

So because i have been left for two weeks in my situation with no washer dryer and have struggled to get a simple resolution regarding my machine.

I have brought Thousands of pounds of Samsung products for my home and now feel i have been let down dreadfully. Because Domex have a poor customer service delivery and could not careless if i am in a desperate situation.

I WILL NOT buy Samsung products anymore because of their engineer company lets their customers down.

Sham as i am now going to send my Samsung 9+phone back to sky as i do not want to be messed around by a company that does not care about their customers.

I will not buy Samsung products again because when they work everything is good but as soon as something starts to go wrong Samsung relie on Domex and they are a joke when dealing with Samsung customers.

Samsung is being let down and so are Samsung customers.

Disgraceful when disabled people pay extra and relie on their samsung washer dryer and Domex do not give a Dam. 

Regards Christopher. C