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Samsung unwilling to answer technical query

(Topic created on: 16-01-2023 06:23 PM)
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Long story, last Friday, we took delivery of a Samsung American FF with dispenser and had to take the freezer door off to get it in the kitchen. No problems with that whatsoever. Put the door back on OK and then started to connect up the wiring connectors. I connected up two pairs with their unique matching Male and Female partners. Then the next two connectors went in to their unique matching connectors under the hinge cover. Oner of these was obviously for the beeper. Because each pair is unique in terms of size, shape and number of pins, there is zero possibility of a mismatch. This left one terminal wire (with its 5 pin connector) that had no apparent corresponding connector. I raised this question with Samsung and after 3 contacts have not had a sensible answer from them. So I'm looking for someone else who has a similar model Samsung. Mine is a RS68A8830S9 but I guess any RS68 with a dispenser will have identical wiring. All it would take is to lift the small plastic cover above the freezer door hinge and have a look. Anyone?