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Samsung's Advanced Washing Technology

(Topic created on: 21-11-2023 11:35 AM)

Samsung's advanced washing machines feature Eco-bubble technology for efficient detergent activation, an Add Wash door for mid-cycle additions, and smart control via a mobile app. Vibration Reduction Technology ensures quiet operation, and models may include Quick Drive technology for faster wash cycles. Additional highlights encompass a Digital Inverter Motor ceramic Heater for scale prevention, contributing to energy efficiency and durability. For the latest innovations, refer to Samsung's official website.

Helping Hand

My machine WW90T534W - Series 5 : 

eco-bubble - yes
Add Wash Door - No , but on most washes if the water level is below drum and water not hot and not spinning I can pause the machine and the door will open so I can add more items.

Smart control through App. - Yes , and I like this, also being connected to app you can check diagnostics on the machine and make sure all the components like motor/heater/door lock is working as it should
Vibration Reduction Technology- well if its got vibration reduction technology I would hate to hear it without because mine vibrates a lot. especially when drain pump is going, almost like drain pump is vibrating off something inside the machine , and when spinning there is quite a bit of vibration/tapping noise too!
Quick Drive- no, my particular model does not have this - just a normal drum in it.
Digital Inverter Motor - yes my machine has this , I like these motors. Huge improvement on the old carbon brush type washing machine motors.
Ceramic Heater - hmmm.. Interesting , I don't know if mine has ceramic or normal heater element at the bottom of the drum ... and I am not going to take it all apart to have a look.

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