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Samsung RSG5UCSL America fridge/freezer, water leak causing bubbles in the front casing

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Hi all, has anyone else had the experience of water leaking internally from under the water/ice dispenser and causing bubbles to grow in the appliance outer skin ? This is the 2nd time we've had it, and we already got the door replaced under warranty (which has now expired). The repairman was not surprised to be doing it as we weren't the first he'd done.

Has anyone else seen this issue with this or another Samsung f/f ?

To my mind there's a design fault but I wonder if they'd admit it. 

for what it's worth we have been keeping the water tray as dry as we can, and been careful when dispensing water, but still it bubbles.

I'd be grateful to hear from anyone who has this too.



Hi @tonysimper 


Do you still have the contact details for the Service Centre who carried out the previous repair? It may be worth giving them a call directly to see what they can suggest. As the unit is now out of warranty, any further repair work required, would most probably be chargeable, we're afraid, however this would be subject to an engineer's inspection.

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Hi, I have the same issue , my American FF has three large bubles that have appereared over the last few weeks.


The Fridge / Freezer is just over 4 years, I have been asked to contact a repair centre , but Samsung have said this wuld not be covered by them.


Speaking with Appliance City who sold me the FF have said that they have had many contacting them with this fault.

I agree this must be a desing fault and if under the 5 years should be covered by Samsung.



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Hi - we have exactly the same problem. Bubbles below the ice maker on our Samsung American fridge freezer. We are told not covered by warranty as cosmetic .. even though they appeared after approx 18 months. Suspect this is rust and will go into holes sooner or later. Seen similar issues reported in US - but would be good to know if it is a wide spread problem in Europe too?? Anyone else got this?

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There is a massive thread on this in the US page : US site - fridge door rust page 


Has anyone paid for a repair/replacment door, and if so how much was it?

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Hi, we have the same problem with an 18month old appliance. We paid £1250 for the FF and it should not happen so quickly. Samsung say they will do nothing about it, the situation is getting worse. Not sure what to do. Have you fixed your issues?

I have the same problem with my FF, now starting to rust alongside the bubbles. Has anyone had any success in getting their doors fixed?

Thanks ML20 sharing your similar experience. Samsung would only come out and investigate for a charge, and knowing the experience of US customers, I am sure that they would just say it is out of warranty. However clear the evidence to the contrary, they are not going to admit to a design fault. 

Ours is deteriorating, but am getting resigned to the likelihood that we either have to pay for a whole replacement door (and risk the same thing happen again - which it surely will), live with an unsightly freezer for as long as we can bear it or replace the whole thing (with anything other than a Samsung!). 
It is wrong, wrong, wrong! Feel gutted with the amount that we paid for a supposedly reputable brand
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We've just had the same experience in the UK. Despite the somewhat disingenuous labelling of a "ten year warranty" we have been told that this isn't covered despite the unit only being 3-4 years old. The fact that this notification came from a GMail account is a pretty clear indication of how poorly run the whole thing is. Had we have known about this issue when we were researching products, our money would have been better spent with a more reputable brand. We feel cheated and hope that others see this post before parting with their hard-earned cash. It's truly obscene.

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