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Samsung RS7567BHCSL

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My Frdge Freezer just stopped working yesterday evening.  I had a service engineer have a look at it.   The Defrost element broke at the back of the fridge section, (it is encased at the back of the fridge) which tripped a fuse and damage the control box.  All the contents of the freezer are damaged.


I have spent the day on live chat, and over  an hour  trying to deal with with Samsung. They want to send out another engineer (aat my expenses to tell me how much its going to cost me to fix).   This fridge freezer is only three years old and the fault was not caused by me.  


It is so frustrating and frankly very  


Hi @Sinead1604 


Did you manage to get this sorted out? What was the outcome?

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Funnily enough, we've got the exact same model fridge freezer and have just returned from holiday with what appears to be the same issue.

We had to call out an electrician as the house electrics kept tripping.  Source of the fault was eventually identified as the fridge - the electrician was able to determine this by testing the earth and live pins on the plug which showed no current was flowing through.

Like the above customer, our fridge is also only 3 years old.  Haven't spoken to anyone at Samsung yet, but will be later today and I'll be voicing my concern that an expensive purchase like this shouldn't be failing in such a short time frame.

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