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Samsung RL42HGSW Not Cooling As Intended

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Hello, my fridge Samsung RL42HGSW is not cooling if left working for a longer time: 
I've set temp 37F for fridge and -4F for freezer, however after working for some time (a day or two) I see that the products inside fridge are condensed, meaning they are getting warmer, although on display panel it is displayed 37F.
When unplugging and plugging the fridge, after starting, the temp reads much higher than 37F set, and compressor starts running and cools it off.
Why would a replugging fix the issue temporarily? I've replaced thermistor about 8 months ago, because there was a huge ice buildup behind freezer compartement which could not cool down upper compartement (fridge) at all. Now, it cooled down till recent days until the aforementioned problem appeared. Thank you.

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