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Samsung refrigerator RSA1SHPN not cooling in fridge compartment and lowest temp is 10C while door reads 2C

(Topic created on: 20-08-2020 03:15 PM)

Purchased this fridge freezer 3 years ago.  My wife complained that food did not appear to be lasting as long as normal.  The door readout reported 2C.   (freezer was at -20C).  I purchased a fridge thermometer and was taken aback to see it reporting 12C in the fridge compartment but readout on door still reporting 2C.  


Not sure why door readout for fridge is reading setpoint rather than the actual temperature - this has to be wrong and can be very misleading and unsafe particularly is storing drugs like insulin which need low temperature to stop it degrading.  This is very dangerous and can lead to the hospital


When i switch off the unit for a few minutes and then back on, the door reads the actual compartment temperature then after a couple of hours falls to 2C while inside the compartment is still reading 10C.

Freezer compartment was all OK.

I called in a Samsung repair specialist who had a look at the cooling coils behind the freezer compartment - they were completely clear of any ice build up but were showing a fine frost from the top of the coils to the bottom (have a picture) so this was OK.     Since the cooling coils were cold and the freezer compartment was OK , the engineers thought that the compressor was ok too. The cooling fan circulating air in both compartments was shown to be working so this was Ok.   So I called the Samsung technical support who could only point me in the direction of their approved engineer - they want £108 pounds call out which is non refundable.  My issue is that they will only find out what the first engineer found - mechanically the fridge parts  - compressor, cooling coils, circulating fan are all working.

Not sure i go with this next as it was an expensive mid range appliance and should last longer than 3 years.    A search on the web shows a class action in the USA for this same issue with Samsung refrigerators- door readout reads much lower than the actual temperature in the fridge compartment. Help / Advice?