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Samsung Refrigerator RF263BEAESRAA

(Topic created on: 21-03-2023 04:58 PM)
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I purchased my Samsung Refrigerator from Best Buy and purchased a 5 year warranty. I had problems every 6 months with the ice maker. During the 5 years we had best buy come out about 10 times to replace the ice maker. Now 1 month after our 5 year warranty expired the compressor stopped working and the refrigerator and freezer don't cool at all. I reached out to Samsung and have been going back and forth with their customer service who determined after 3 weeks of tickets that they cannot help me at all. They initially told me they would still honor the 5 year warranty as long as it was confirmed to be a problem in the sealed system. Because they do not have any authorized service centers in our area they suggested that I pay for repair from a local company of my choosing then Samsung would reimburse me for all parts and labor. I was able to get a company out who gave me a work order showing 2 items needed to be replaced the compressor and the filter dryer and with parts and labor coming to 700 dollars. I gave samsung the work order and wanted permission to fix it with reimbursement or for them to send someone to fix it. They ended up offering me a $540 ecoupon towards a new refrigerator and said that if I accepted their offer they would cancel my out of warranty repair. The offer said I would get the ecoupon in text and email within 24 hours. Fast forward a week later I still never received it. After multiple phone calls and an escalation to their supervisor it was determiend that my ecoupon was rejected because I am passed their 5 years warranty and said they can no longer offer me the ecoupon or offer reimbursement. Samsung wasted 3 weeks of my time for nothing. Why didn't they tell me up front they couldn't do anything for me. Wasted 3 weeks and many hours on the phone and in chat for literally nothing. I learned my lesson never to buy a Samsung refrigerator. 


That's certainly not the experience we would expect for our customers, @GreatScott1. Could we ask where you are based pleased? You've come through to Samsung UK here.