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Samsung RB41J7859S4 making strange noises

(Topic created on: 22-04-2018 08:13 PM)
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I'm on my second RB41J7859S4 now and both are making the same strange noise whenever the fridge doors are closed (but not the freezer!). It last for about 10-15sec, but it's very noticeable and annoying. The second fridge also makes a pretty much constant gurgling/ bubbling sound and the compressor is on virtually 24/7. Not to mention that the internal light was not working from the very beginning.


Anyone else having similar issues with this or other Samsung fridges?


Attached are voice memos showcasing the problem.




I think this is normal in modern fridges because of the enviromental friendly gas they have to use now gurgle in use, my Bosch fridge is the same, compressor will run most of the time as prob an invertor so rather than stop and start and use lots of energy, they slow down and and speed up when needed and very much cheaper to run, there are also fans inside that will be running for frost free etc. As for the door light, check the bulb or if the door was removed to get it in your home or reversed, make sure they connected / reversed the door wires and magnet on the top. (common installer error)

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Hi - thanks for your comments.


I do take your point on how digital inverter compressor operates. It should however, at least at its low settings, match the 39dB stated by the manufacturer. I get pretty consistent reading around 44-45dB mark (and above 50dB for power mode). Gurgling should not be a permanent feature either, I wouldn't think. And I completely do not get what causes the fridge to make the noise it makes when the doors are shut.


My fridge has a LED light and so an engineer visit was required to change it. The new bulb burnt out within a half a day of his visit...


Just as an FYI for Samsung customer service, all set up instructions were followed and the fridge is levelled and has space around it in line with your recommendations.