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Samsung QuickDrive WW80M645oPM/EU panel unresponsive

(Topic created on: 30-04-2020 10:57 AM)
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Home Appliances

Hi 🙂


My 3 month old washing machine has an unresponsive panel.


Turning the dial does not change the programme. The child lock is not on (I can turn it on and turn it off). The only other button that works is the on/off button. The other panel buttons ping to indicate being touched, but do not change any of the settings. This is on the cotton wash where I usually increase the temperature, so the settings can be changed on this programme. The door has now also locked.


I have turned the power off at the wall for two hours (and is off again). I wonder if the panel has become damp ( as the machine is near to the sink and below the hob. I have also wiped over with a damp (not wet!) cloth to clean.


Is there anything else that I can try to test or reset the machine, please? Very many thanks for all suggestions! 


With very many thanks, Elaine.