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Samsung President Office Escalations NOT INTERESTED IN COMPLAINTS!!!!


Why is it that you spend a lot of money on an French Style Fridge Freezer it fails to keep the fridge cool after 12 months, it says a lot about these items when they send an engineer out to my home to repair it without any parts for him to say YES ITS A COMMON FAULT AND WILL PROBABLY GO AGAIN!!! Having done abit of research on this and other forums hes correct in what hes said.


However this is nowhere near as bad as the experience that i have had with  SAMSUNG CUSTOMER SUPPORT DEPARTMENT AND PRESIDENT OFFICE ESCALATIONS all of them quite frankly DONT GIVE A S**T!!! 


You spend NOT HOURS, NOT DAYS BUT WEEKS on the phone to them and all you get is some BULL SH*T answer and saying they will sort it out and call you back. Well they dont and even when you provide the PRESIDENT OFFICE ESCALATIONS with all of the information and they also they you that they have gone through the notes it is full of LIES. You have SO CALLED MANAGERS who promise you a REPLACEMENT OR REFUND. DONT BELIEVE THEM they say what they want you to hear to get you off the phone and  DO NOTHING!!  In the mean time you are expected to throw more food out as you cant keep it cool and stuff goes off because


Their PRESIDENT OFFICE ESCALATIONS wont call you back despite several requests so dont get your hopes up!!!


spoiler, forum members don't eithee.
if you have a concern, contact trading standards
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