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Samsung Lied to me and didn't process my compensation for my Fridge Freezer

(Topic created on: 07-12-2023 01:07 PM)
Samsun g LiedToMe

Long running saga with my fridge freezer.

Purchased in December 2022, was delivered with damage to the side and insulation pushing out the side.

I was offered 8% compensation for the damage and an additional payment for the faulty insulation. This was agreed and I received a confirmation email to say we've resolved it. 

Case closed, or at least you would think. Having received confirmation that the case was resolved you'd presume that they'd processed the payment back to the original purchase method, as I did. They didn't!


So the fridge freezer has just developed a fault, days before the end of the warranty and it made me realise that I don't remember seeing the compensation on my credit card. Checked through and confirmed it was not received.


So I phone Samsung to arrange a repair and inform them that I had not received the compensation that they'd written to confirm they'd processed. They inform me that they'd tried to call me but could not get through. I said that I'd probably not answered as it was an unknown number. They had not left a message or emailed me as you'd expect a professional company to do.


I was then told that they would not process it because it was outside 30 days. I said that it was agreed within 30 days and you've failed to resolve the issue that you'd given me written confirmation that it had been resolved. They agreed that I had received false information from an automated email, but they would not be taking this complaint any further. When I asked to speak to a manager they told me that the customer resolution managers do not speak to customers! You couldn't write this stuff!

Does anyone have any experience of raising such concerns further up the chain. I've clearly spoken to a foreign call centre that was working from a pre determined script. I've always like Samsung products, but I won't be purchasing anymore after being treated like this.


To add insult to injury after arguing the case and hitting a brick wall. They transferred my to another agent to arrange the repair, I could hardly understand him due to language and line quality. He said he would phone me straight back but didn't.





If you're in the UK, take it up with trading standards or make contact with one of the Consumer TV shows or the JVS show on BBC three counties radio, they will get things sorted for you.
Samsun g LiedToMe

Thanks, it appears trading standards are my best route. I have clear evidence that they have broken an agreed contract.


Community Manager

Hi there - if you send myself or @Sam_UK a direct message, we can look into this for you and see what's going on.

Say hi to us on socials -  @SamsungUK

Black Belt 
Hey there

If you paid for the device on your credit card, speak to your bank about a Section 75 Claim. This is a legal right and Samsung will have great difficulty stopping it.

Your claim would be for the full value paid.

Wouldn't bother with Trading Standards etc as, although this is excellent advice, S75 is far quicker and presents you with strong legal backing and your bank do the hard work. (they will also likely take the money back from Samsung).

If you call Samsung Customer Service and tell them you're going to do this, they will put you in a very long and frustrating loop asking you not to and telling you they are sorting it but they won't.

I wish you well with this.
Samsun g LiedToMe

Yes I did, that is an excellent idea. Thank you