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Samsung Heatpump Dryer (7kg)

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I'm getting an error code SE on my dryer display - this code comes after the red icon to empty the water (even though water already empty) - after removing and replacing the water compartment and re-starting 2-3 time the dryer stops and displays SE code.  I've searched online and can't find anything on SE code for dryers.  Any ideas on what this means? 

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The check code 5C is related to water pump issues. 5C shows up if the lower tank (inside the machine) is always full of water. The water normally pumps up to the top tank (The one you empty) if there is a problem with the pump the water will not pump to the top tank. Or it could be the water level sensor.

Providing the tank at the top is empty and you haven't recently moved the appliance I would say this may be a fault an engineer needs to check.

You may need to go to the contact us section to arrange an engineer visit.
Thank you