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Samsung family hub fridge: spotify not showing other connect devices

(Topic created on: 04-02-2021 04:02 AM)
Shrayes Raman
First Poster

Hello I just purchased a Samsung family hub fridge and I really enjoy using the built in spotify app. I dont really like the built in speakers on the device instead I prefer to use it to control other devices using spotify connect. But an annoyance that I have is that in order to use it as a remote I must first play spotify on that device and only then will I be able to control the device with the fridge. I was wondering if I can just see all my spotify connect devices on the drop down in the spotify app on the fridge like I can on my phone instead of having to use my phone to play music on a device. I can only see devices like my desktop and phone on the drop down. But I cannot see my receiver not spotify connect bose speakers like I can on my phone.

Simon Saado
First Poster

I also have exactly the same problem, additionally you can find exactly the same topic discussed in the spotify community, therefore it seems that's a bug in the TIZEN spotify connect app, hopefully samsung will fix this soon, as it really sucks!