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Samsung family Hub Fridge Freezer 4 door smart fridge

(Topic created on: 04-07-2022 01:23 PM)
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Home Appliances

I recently purchased a Samsung 4 door Smart fridge Freezer. But I have noticed, when I take things out of the freezer, and place them in the fridge to defrost, water accumulates around the item. 

the fridge seems to be working normally, as when I open door on normal use there is no condensation, unless I leave door open for 2 mins. but condensation will disappear when doors are shut for a period of time. But when I defrost things from moving item from freezer to fridge, condensation will drip off item and accumulate on shelf or bottle compartment. Is there something wrong with the fridge.


I placed to packs of minced lamb to defrost in fridge, previous night, when I checked in the morning there was condensation on the bottom of the glass shelf where the packs of mince had been sitting, to the point it was almost dripping. Previously I have taken out a bottle of milk from freezer placed in fridge, there was water dripping off the milk bottle the following day. This to me does not seem normal.  Freezer temp is set to -18c and fridge temp is set to 3c.