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Samsung Ecobubble WF80F5E2W4X keeps switching itself off

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My 18 month old Samsung Ecobubble WF80F5E2W4X washing machine keeps switching itself off/stopping mid cycle.


I have no idea why it has just started doing this, it works for a few minutes on a normal cycle then just seems to stop, there are no "error messages" it just seems to freeze and doesn't carry on with the programme.


I have cleaned everything, recalibrated the machine, checked all the connections but still won't work.


Any ideas?????


Hey, @paulburdekin.  :cathappy:

Which type of cycle are you running? Could you try running an empty wash to see if this completes the full cycle? 


Hi @paulburdekin.


Is this still happening? If so, is the display is turning off (i.e. powering off) or is it just the clock stopping mid-cycle? 


Edit: It might also be worth trying a different socket (and directly to the mains rather than an extension cable) to eliminate that as the cause.

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Mine is doing exactly the same and is give or take the same age. I have researched the web and there appear to be many doing exactly the same. A repair man said its to do with the electronics and the panel will need changing. Cost from Samsung £250 plus labour. It looks like Samsung have some quality control issues. A 10 year warrenty on the motor is no good if everything elses goes wrong. Less then two years!!!!! He also said obtaining the part took a long time 2 to 3 weeks. He said buy a Bosch or a Meile.

We have had the same problem not once but twice and again the darn thing is playing up again . Each time they change the mother board and it works ok but then starts playing up ours is just over two years old . Sorry samsung you make great phones but are really crap on washing machines . These machines arn,t cheap to buy and i thought i was buying a quality machine how wrong i was .

Thank for the reply appears that it is a very common problem and happens after 2 years. Ours is now fixed after a battle but I am sure that we will be replacing it again in max two years. Our replacement model will not be samsung!!

Ours is yet another Ecobubble that randomly stops mid-cycle. If you press go, it then keeps going but it means that we have to stay at home while the washing is on. Needless to say, the guarantee has just run out. 2 and a third years doesn't seem like good reliability for a £500 washing machine.

I replied to similar comment on another thread. Since no direct response from Samsung on here, I'm phoning them next week. Failing any response there, it'll be social media public comment. Suggest others do the same, ie phone first and get a call back. Good luck!



How did you end up fixing it? I am having the same issue with my Washer.


I have the same problem. It is not the mains or powersocket. Washer starts fine. Select program. It starts running. After 5min all power off. Power button does not start the machine. 

Socket off. Socket on. Washer start. No error code. How to fix Samsung?

I can hear the relay when the power is cut. Some relay cuts the power.

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