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Samsung Ecobubble 9kg which is just coming up on 2 years old keeps stopping mid wash. No debris issues, no hose issues. Sometimes I get a full wash with no issues and then other times it stops and I have to turn the machine off and reset to Rinse & Spin to get it to finish. Any ideas what is wrong?

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By the looks of things Samsung won't admit there's a problem. I'm going to try & contact Samsung & if they don't offer to repair it for free, I'll be threatening them with watchdog. Apparently the American version of these washers but top loaders have the same problems.

This probably won’t help you, but yesterday my machine was awful. 3 hours to do the 1hr 02 daily wash spin. Constantly stopping, & the  pausing & re-starting by me. I posted on your link & Googled everything which pointed to a major problem. I Did the Samsung live chat which I thought was pretty useless. However, one thing they said was to check the machine wasnt even slightly moving when pushed. Mine wasn’t really, but as we have wooden floors and small joists, I have a wedge of brown cardboard shoved in between the work surface & the washing machine. When I got off the call, I made sure the machine couldn’t move even slightly by wedging even more cardboard into the gap and hey presto! - 3 loads done with no pausing at all today! It’s too soon to say it’s fixed, it probably doesn’t apply to your machine, but for now, I have a working washing machine. At least it’s a cheap thing for you to try. Just thought I’d mention it. 


That’s a miracle! One of the helpline’s suggestions was to change the fuse in the plug lol. The PCB isn’t sufficiently protected from heat generated by the machine. The faults appear after the machines have been on for around an hour. The hot weather has made the problem worse. The PCB will slowly deteriorate but in its early stages of failure letting the machine cool for 2 hours will sometimes allow a complete wash.

Change the fuse???? You couldn't make that up!
Aye mate I'll just grab my handy soldering iron and rotating cutter that I keep in the house and spend 5 hours of my weekend ballsing this up.. or ye know just get a professional in to do it.

Well I have the same problem as everyone else.  


Machine is just over 3 years old.  Stopping on every setting now. 


Contacted not helpful

Contacted Samsung ... "out of warranty, £300+ to repair"


Went with Currys fixed repair... and after waiting a week for them to come and repair they've now confirmed its the PCB (as I told them it would be) and the part is out of stock so will be a week minimum before they can get the part and then god knows how long until they actually fix it.


Family of 4 with no washing machine for nearly 3 weeks now.. having to borrow neighbours and family...


£500 down and Samsung have washed their hands of any responsibility (at least they can wash something).. 



Absolute joke.  Never again will I buy any of their products. Never.



Our machine which I originally posted about has now just this week had it's THIRD main circuit board replaced (fortunately under warranty) It started exhibiting the usual fault of not completing programs a week prior.  I immediately knew where the fault lay, but my wife had to go through all the usual rigmarole of humouring the Samsung call centre by doing a drum callibration, before they would agree on sending a service engineer out!  When he came he had a new board in and fixed and running within 10 mins of arriving!!

As has been commented on numerous times before when will Samsung admit there is a major design fault in their board architecture?

Please someone from the BBC's watchdog programe get hold of this and make an entire episode about it?  or some other country's equivalent programe do one, as it is a worldwide problem.

Their phones maybe okay but I wouldn't purchase anything else from them.

I've just come off the phone to Samsung support, as posted before, freezing within 5 minutes of starting, I'm now down to one programme working properly, can't do a 65 degree wash, which I do for my dogs bedding, fairly regularly. My machine is out of warranty, which I knew but they are going to send round an engineer for a one off free repair! I expect given the previous post it will work for so long & then give up again & if so I'll be asking for another free repair & if not forthcoming ill be going to watchdog. Perhaps given that they are giving me a free repair & not stinging me for a repair costing over £250, they are possibly admitting there is a problem without actually coming out & saying it. I suggest everybody gets on Samsung's case & insist on a free repair! I'll never ever buy a Samsung washing machine again, that's for definite! I'll repost after a month or so after the repair, hopefully it will be sorted

Having the same problems as everyone else. My Ecobubble is 2.5 years old.

Samsung are refusing to help saying it is out of warranty. I didn't pay £549 for a machine to last 2 years.

Have emailed Watchdog. 

Not sure what else to do. For the call out few and cost of the PCB I could buy a new (not a Samsung!) Machine 


I've just had the pcb board changed on my machine & the guy has kept a motor aside in case that needs changed if pcb board isn't issue. Hopefully this will sort out the problem. 

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