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Samsung Ecobubble 9kg which is just coming up on 2 years old keeps stopping mid wash. No debris issues, no hose issues. Sometimes I get a full wash with no issues and then other times it stops and I have to turn the machine off and reset to Rinse & Spin to get it to finish. Any ideas what is wrong?

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It's a design fault and they know ***** fine it is yet refuse to do anything about it.


Keep the posts coming about the faults as over various forums, YouTube and here i am building a case for trading standards which they seem quite interested in so far. 


Put purchase date and the date the machine failed. 


Model Ecobubble wf70f5e2w2x

purchased 12/12/2014

stoped on 20/6/2020

keeps doing its own thing. 
10 year parts warranty but not on electrical!!!!!

So sorry just seen your reply, thank you for that.

I am going to try and get Darty Where I bought the machine.
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Samsung WF112XAC 12kg Ecobubble

Bought 1/11/2013

Died 8/8/2020

Length of Service 6 yrs 9mths (similar to previous Samsung 12kg washing machine

Drum twitches and then fails to turn mid cycle leaving washing and water in drum

All research suggests PCB needs replacing which at £120 plus callout is uneconomic/risky to fix.

Given up on Samsungs will now try Siemens.

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Recently had a WF70f5e2w4w repaired under warranty and had new motor,new heater,new hoses,new seal and new drum - engineer remarked drum was skewed from new hence why seal fell to bits. Few months later and out of warranty pcb control board fails. Samsung service centre for a new pcb and fitting is a new washing machine. Similar issues with Samsung tv - popped capacitors and after repairing these tcon board fails. Recenty new Samsung combination microwave fails after 15 months with failed display and controls - has a 2 year warranty and been offered a repair and still waiting for a date. Previos Bosch machine was still going after 19 years till I switched . Won,t be buying a Samsung appliance again something about their electronic parts and service

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eco bubble 7kg ww70 4 years old and its stopping mid wash on a 1.03 daily wash. stops at 58 today so I pause it then play it again. my fella has emptied it and sounds it so we could get the washing out after he did that it was fine for 2 washes then stopped again. I spoke to Samsung live chat and she just wasn't bothered because it was not in warranty and I cannot think if I did the 5 year warranty or not and she was unable to tell me.

As someone has said a washing machine should last more than 4 years. the dryer next to it is over 20 years old and no issues whatsoever.
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Samsung washer wf80f5e5u4w

Delivered 15 Nov 2014

Died Aug 2020

5yrs 9mons since delivery from Currys in UK. 


Drum twitches and then fails to turn mid cycle leaving washing and water in drum. 


All research suggests PCB is not fit for purpose or of satisfactory quality as documented here. The PCB needs replacing. 


Contacted Samsung via Twitter who did not acknowledge the issue exists even though I linked to this forum. 


I have provided my details to Customer Solutions team who handle complaints. They will hopefully call me and I will post here. 


If we all get together then hopefully with standard wording and a helpful guide we can get Samsung to repair when they should rather than deny the issue. 


Bumped for info on manufacturing issue with the PCB. 

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I am now experiencing issues with my machine stopping mid cycle, some cycles finish, some don’t.
I have a Samsung Ecobubble 7kg, WF70F5E2W4X/EU, purchased from AO in 7 May 2017 (not in warranty). I live on my own and the machine probably gets used on average twice a week, if that.
I have had a local washing man come out to look at it and he checked the following:
Filter (I had already done so)
Hoses at the back, water replaced as had a kink, said just to do it for the sake of it.
It is filling with water, draining and spinning
Water heater is working normally
No fault codes coming up
It’s been calibrated, several times and switched off at the wall
No issues with solenoid
No issues with carbon brushes
So, I guess it leaves the motherboard. I contacted Samsung who want their engineer to come out (I did not tell them that someone has already looked at it). They want to charge £90 and it will be three weeks before they can come out. My issues is, that I know what they are going to tell me and I’m assuming that a new motherboard is not cheap. I brought this machine for over £400 and it has not lasted 3 years, I thought I was buying a good product. I may as well buy a cheap machine and cut my losses, right?
What do people think?

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It is very simple

All these washing machines suffer from the same problem the controller board after a while does not work normally.
This is due to a manufacturing defect which means that after a random number of cycles (and therefore vibrations) the contacts of certain electronic components become random.
And that produces a shutdown in the middle of the cycle.

Personally I had this problem and tried to solve it myself.
I have explored a lot of technical forums.
I ordered a second-hand controller card in England, I exchanged it with my original card, the machine was working for a while then the problem reappeared.
There is no solution and even if you change the card with a new controller at a high price, your controller card will fail sooner or later.

It's a design or manufacturing quality issue at Samsung.

The only solution is to never buy back a Samsung washing machine again.

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