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Samsung Ecobubble 9kg which is just coming up on 2 years old keeps stopping mid wash. No debris issues, no hose issues. Sometimes I get a full wash with no issues and then other times it stops and I have to turn the machine off and reset to Rinse & Spin to get it to finish. Any ideas what is wrong?

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I bought mine on Ebay cost 57£ for a new part....make sure you use the model number on the inside of the door to get the right part. Its a 10 minute job..just disconect from the mains take the top off and the mother board is there underneath, take off the cover, remove all the connectors and replace with the new  board reconect, brand new washing machine!


Has anyone tried replacing the drive belt on these,had about 70% success rate so far.The belts are cheap and get stretched to far and machine thinks it's out of balance.Sometimes its the weakest link.


Same here..stops midwash. Stupid machine. I live in Sweden. I've encountered a few bad supports but Samsung is one of the worst. 


Unlock a washing machine Samsung Ecobubble WF70F5E0W4W



[A] When your washing machine is blocked : (the cycle does not start or hangs along the way, the time does not decrease anymore), here is a fix to try, which works very well at home.


You stop the washing machine.


You disconnect the plug, and you press the start button (this empties the capacitors) 


You reconnect the machine


You press the start button


You choose another cycle, different from the one that has stuck (because the machine keeps in memory the current cycle and the fault to cause on this cycle to make you buy a new washing machine)


Normally the new cycle will be done correctly without blocking time, if the cycle does not start or hangs quickly, go back in [A]


At home I change the daily by an eco and the eco by a daily program.


That does not mean that you will not have in a few cycles an endless cycle with the time frozen, because your controller decided to work in degraded mode, but if you apply my manipulation again, this must solve the problem, for a time.


Okay, it's not great, but it still allows you to use the machine instead of throw it in scrap.


I hope it can help.


Sounds like its a serious issue my WW10N645RPX/EU washer stops mid cycle and its less than 10 months old.


Wish I paid £200 for a washing machine now.


GJ Weston, yours should be in warranty, I replaced a part for £70 and worked.


My mum's washer is 20 years old still going. Samsung are a nonsense.


Try repairing yourself.






Yes there domestic appliance are a joke the heatpump dryer we bought at the same time failed after 4-5 months because of loose screws on the fan. Expensive junk. I thought my indersit was bad after main bearings failed after 13 months once repaired never went again we left it for house buyer still going strong.


If they cant even make ther stuff last 12months why bother.






Good work with replacing it, where can i buy new motherboard ? I want to replace mine too. 


My issue was it stopping mid cycle and now, it wont even switch on. This machine machine is now three years old and samsung say the warrantee has run out, but good news. Not on the motor.


I admin several community groups on facebook with just over 20,000 active members engagements weekily so I produced a poll on this model machine of which there were a large number which had or has this machine.


Those that had problems and upon engineers inspections were mostley to do with "control board".


The commonest symptoms were the machine not powering up and from those, most were the same as mine. This symptom was the machine not powering up, no lights and within 30 seconds, the same tones you hear at the end of a cycle/wash and repeating until you unplug.


Sherlock I am not, but there does seem to be a common denominator to most of the issues raised.


I have had a very large quote for repair and I am now considdering buying a new machine over the repair.


The question is, do I allow the Samsung logo on the front of it. Maybe a good idea for a new Poll?


3 years is not a reasonable life. Your claim is against the company you bought it from, not Samsung. If you used a credit card, you could claim against that if you don't get anywhere. So contact the retailer and get them to fix it for free. 

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