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Another victim of the unreliable mid wash issue stopping randomly, looking at the threads this is a common issue and yet Samsung are not accepting that these machines are lasting around 3 years! I have 3 TVs a oven & hob and a fridge freezer all Samsung I will not be purchasing another thing made by this company, I think it’s absutley disgusting that you pay £500 for a washing machine to last 3 years! Samsung are well aware of the fault and did no recall of this issue! And now expect me to pay £300 to have it repaired! It will be getting scrapped and I would rather put that money towards the Bosch which I now realise I should of purchased to begin with! Thanks for nothing Samsung 1 loyal customer lost! 

My thoughts exactly, my Ecobubble has done the same thing.

It’s terrible service would never buy Samsung again! 

Mine is a nightmare keeps stopping mid programme and daren’t put it on and go to work as washing sat in water all day!! Surely Samsung should identify this fault and offer some sort of repair??? 

My Ecobubble has been repaired by Currys  under their fixed price repair service costing £119.00. Samsung 100% Know of the PCB fault but would rather leave you for dead. The engineer didn’t even touch my machine before identifying the fault, didn’t go within 2 feet of it. Such a known fault for Samsung, I’ve spent over £5,000 in the last 4 years on their stuff, never never again. My advice-buy any other make.

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I had the same problem recently ... i wish i knew about this before !! 

They did lost a very very loyal customer! 

I will never buy anything from samsung again ! 

Do you know what the engineer did to repair the fault?

He didn’t I got shut before I had to pay £200 for a new pcb board! It’s a known defect yet Samsung Have done nothing!

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The engineer said it was a common fault on that machine, we needed a new mother board. He had to order it and came back to fit it 5 days later. Been ok since.

I am currently facing the same problem. The technician came and said the probles is with the PCB Board.  I bought it in 2015 and use it heavily since 12 months ago. The technician said the part may cost me around RM300-400 which is almost 1/12th of the original price.  Too bad with that kind of price the machine couldn't stand more than 4 years without major problem.


Sad to say that this shall be my last  Samsung appliances.




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