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Samsung DW60M6050FW/EU Dishwasher Unpacking

(Topic created on: 11-01-2023 02:33 PM)
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We have just bought a new Samsung DW60M6050FW/EU Dishwasher. I am not sure if the cardboard in the back of dishwasher needs to be removed (see attached pictures). I have tried, but it seems it is not easy to peel it off. Should I just keep it? I am worried it may obstruct the heat dissipation and damage the machine. I asked Sumsung support, and they didn't even give a definite answer. They said "you could keep it, or you could remove if you see any issues".dishwasher_back.jpgdishwasher_back2.jpg

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ah no that does not look like packaging to me and i say that will have to be left on. I'd say its (or acts as) insulation at the back of the dishwasher. You imagine having the dishwasher is working and its heating up and you have it installed in front of a cold wall (maybe internal outer wall of kitchen) and it does not have that insulation (which in the old days would have been made out of some kind of felt cushion or fiberglass) then the temperature difference of the cold wall on the stainless steel of the back of the dishwasher (which will be hot when in use) then I would say the cold hitting the hot stainless steel without that insulation would cause the stainless steel to condensate or even rust or corrode eventually , however if it is insulated that would act as a barrier and stop that happening.

- I would leave it there just remove all the white polystyrene and cardboard packaging and you should be good to go