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Samsung Dual Cook Electric Single Oven Stainless Steel?

(Topic created on: 06-05-2022 04:16 PM)
First Poster

This oven is so easy to use, very straightforward and has an intuitive design. With an impressive range of cooking functions and ability to create two oven environments, we knew we had to invest in something better and we are so glad we purchased this. Most of our electronics are Samsung and have been extremely hard wearing and reliable with great customer support. I would certainly recommend this for ease of use, functionality and self cleaning capabilities.

Excellent product, this is the second Samsung dual oven the we have owned. The dual oven offers a great deal of flexibility when cooking complex meals. The controls are easy to use can be set to many cooking combinations. The only criticism is that I think that another "oven shelf" should be provided.

This oven is absolutely useless! It hasn’t worked properly from the day we bought it. The preheat function doesn’t work. It takes up to 40+ minutes to reach a temperature 10 degrees below what you set it at. When I spoke to Samsung customer service they couldn’t understand what I was saying coming from a foreign call centre- after spending quite literally hours on the phone over the space of several days.

Two Samsung engineers came out to ‘fix’ the problems and embarrassingly explained that this is a common issue with this oven and that it’s just the way the oven is. According to Samsung if your oven is 10% out on temperature it classes as functioning. I am unbelievably disappointed and unable to afford to buy an oven that works now- so very upsetting. A terrible oven and terrible customer service from Samsung - I will never ever buy any Samsung product ever again.