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Samsung Domestic quality appliances :P

(Topic created on: 25-11-2019 01:21 PM)

I have purchased Samsung devices phones TV's and phones for many years and never had any issues. This year I purchased a Samsung WW10N645RPX washing machine, a DV90M50003X/EU Dryer and a RFG23UERS Fridge on the 31st January 2019.


The Dryer (£700) failed within 4-5 months and you did not repair it until nearly 2 weeks after reporting the fault, my washing machine (£550) has now failed only 10 months after purchase I'm been told you cannot fix it until the 2nd December 2019.


Now I'm sorry but this level of product quality is abysmal. To add insult to injury the dryer repair was for a known fault loose screws on the fan how pathetic.


To put this in context I bought Samsung product because of there quality I would have been better off paying £160 for a bargain brand at least they have a slight excuse. I have owned appliances a 1/3 of the cost and never had a single fault.


Sort your shocking quality issues out because I will certainly never buy another Samsung Domestic appliance again they are simply "Junk" and as a company you should be ashamed of yourselves. Your outsource your repairs to a third party, quality products dont make me laugh. No wonder you give 5 years manufactures warranty its to get companies to sell your garbage to stop them getting sued under the sale of goods act.


Better off with a Beko.


Repair company took over a week to attempt repair on my nearly new Samsung washing machine. Apparently Samsung told the repair company that the machine was "not working" that was the level of fault finding by Samsung. Good job.


The machine is still broken after motherboard was replaced it also has an error on the main drive. Contacting the retailer today to remove this piece of junk from my home. Lesson learnt do not by Samsung domestic appliances they are simply abysmal and customer care is the same.


They always say they will get you an earlier appointment this does not happen, probably too busy fixing their broken junk.