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Samsung doesn't care

(Topic created on: 16-08-2022 08:44 PM)
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Home Appliances

Samsung doesn't care about my fridge, or wasting my money on service fees for technicians who can't get parts anway, or not bothering to inform a customer for over two months.

Samsung doesn't care about my washing machine that only works on certain cycles when it feels like it, again with no replacement motherboard available, if that indeed is the problem, we try to remain optimistic about the outcome of laundry.

Samsung doesn't care about my pro buds that cannot be trusted to stay in the ear longer than a few minutes.

Samsung doesn't care about my health as the O2 sensor on my watch4 is disabled in RSA. Adverts said it existed but no, it is not possible to activate.

When you ask for help at samsung about anything they end off with "is there anything else we can do at Samsung for you" after getting absolutely nowhere.


Home Appliances

where do you rank Samsung in the grand scheme of things? 

re: fridge - Do you class them to be in the same league as say a SMEG fridge? - did you pay the same price as premium top make dearest fridge? 

re: washing machine - do you class a Samsung washing machine in the same class as a Miele say or premium brand like that? - do you pay the same price for your samsung washing machine as a Miele say? 

Pro Buds - did you try the different rubber inserts? 

re: watch - have you tried fitbit? or apple watch?