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Samsung auto-dose washing machine not using detergent and fabric softener on a wool wash!

(Topic created on: 26-03-2023 05:05 PM)

first time trying out a wool wash since owning machine (WW90T534DAW) - the wife wanted a wool cardigan washed. 
Set wool wash by the SmartThings App. sent to machine and detergent dose per wash and softener per wash were both off ... so I turned them both on in the app and sent it to the machine. 

started the wash and noticed the sound of the detergent pump was not sounding, so went into the menu on the LCD display where dose per wash is and they were both off!
why , when I had set them to 'on' in the app then sent to the washing machine? 

I understand if you want to use your own detergent and fabric softener designed for wool but why then give you an option to turn on the autodose in the app if it is just going to ignore it anyway when you turn it on and send it to the washing machine? 

On another note - I have an energy meter and noticed that it was a 58 minute wash but the drum element does not 'kick in' until the drum is nearly filled . Why can they not design it so that it starts heating (turning on heating element) from the start as long as the electrical element is submersed to save time and get the wash up to temperature quicker ? - daft design that because in 58 minutes it has to heat up to 40'c , and rinse (2x rises) and spin in that short time!