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Samsung Aftercare

(Topic created on: 23-04-2021 07:31 PM)
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My Samsung smart TV has developed a fault, the HDMI source selector on the one connect unit is faulty, I contacted Samsung via Facebook Messenger to report a fault and claim a repair under warranty. I jumped through all the hoops and was given a customer reference number for my fault and was told an engineer would be in touch shortly. A couple of days later I had a text message to say they tried to ring me but the call was blocked. I checked my Samsung phone and it had marked the Samsung number as a spam call and automatically blocked them. I unblocked them and waited for the return call. I then had the call from the unblocked number, some of it was in English but to be honest I couldn't understand what was going on, I tried to explain that I couldn't understand them but they just carried on, in the end I gave up and called it a day. I suppose now my TV will go without the repair.

I have several Samsung mobile phone's, 2 tablet's, 4 TV's, 2 Soundbar's, a fridge, a freezer and a microwave and about 6 of these items are still under warranty. This is my first Samsung that has gone wrong still in the warranty period and when I checked the website for my registered products I could not find any of them, there were some old products there and a TV registered twice with only part of the details present. The website is a disaster. I think customer service was a disaster, but I dont really know as I couldn't understand them. 

I love my Samsung products but I need some aftercare and support, if I cant get my TV repaired under warranty then I will probably have to replace it, I have also been eyeing up a Samsung dishwasher, but the big question is, now I have experienced Samsung support, do I continue with Samsung products or do I look at the alternatives?

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Hi @Members_zkJEodq ,


I'm really sorry to hear that you had this experience. The TV should be covered under warranty during the first 12-months no matter if this was registered or not. Would you be able to confirm when this was purchased and what did our colleagues advise you during the call?