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RSN8210S9 power consumption

(Topic created on: 24-08-2022 11:45 AM)

I have an RSN8210S9 fridge freezer, and have for some time noticed that we seem to have what I consider to be high energy usage on the smart meter when we are out of the house or overnight when nothing is used. To test this I have been using an energy monitor plug to keep an eye on the power consumption of various devices.

As a base of comparison we have a standard under counter freezer as well, which seems to use around 0.6kWh per 24 hour period.

The Samsung fridge freezer appears to be run at 150-250w constantly. Based on that usage the unit will be using around 4kWh a day (1460a year which seems to be along way off the quoted 450 a year on the energy label) I have checked the obvious things like the gap at the back of the unit, and the vents. The temps were set to 4 and -21, but I have changed them to 5 and -17 to see if that makes a difference. I can also hear something that sounds like a fan/motor/fluid from a 4 or 5 m away. 

Is this normal behaviour, or is it time to call under the warranty?


I’m having the exact same problem, I have tried everything to get the energy consumption down  and nothing works, I’m sick of Samsung if I’m honest I had to wait 8 months for a tumble dryer replacement after it broke and to be exchanged after less than a year. Did you managed to resolve the problem? because Samsung customer service just don’t want to know mines running at over 3.5 kHw a day this being a fridge they state should use 467Khw annually. 

First Poster

I have the same problem with a RS67N8210S9 fridge freezer.

Mine also is using 4 to 5kWh per day, and this was while I was on holiday  Which seems to be much more than the advertised energy use.




Yes I did manage to find a solution.

1. Pull the thing out from the wall and vacuum out the inlet and exhaust vents all over

2. change the fridge to 5 degrees

3. change the freezer to -17


i think I set it at -21 to make ice or something initially, the manual doesn’t explicitly mention it, but it wouldn’t generate any ice for the first 24 hours.


so in essence the fix was to raise the temps on both