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RS7677FHCBC - Ice maker not working

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My ice maker has stopped working.


There are no ice cubes, there is no water filling the cube trays and when pressing the ice button the motor does not turn and i can hear a click at the top of the unit


Solutions tried

  • Reset method using 'Test' button (chimed once, didnt chime after end of test cycle) or no motion
  • Turned appliance off for two minutes then turned back on, no error messages
  • Hair dryer method (no frozen ice, no melting water)
  • Water runs fine and fills a cup as normal


Has anyone got any ideas?

Is it broke and will it be covered by their 10 year warrenty?



Samsung Helper
As I understand, home appliances are covered under a 5 year warranty. Also, when you got the appliance did you register under a Samsung Member account as I have found that really helpful in the past for information and support. As with any electrical device, always best to seek out a qualified professional.

I didn't register my applicance when I bought it, I do have the receipt still. The unit was purchased in Oct 2016, does anyone know if I qualify for the 5 year warranty even though I did not register.

If I have to get this repaired for a cost has anyone had experience before of how much it will cost?



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