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RS53K4400SA American style fridge freezer not powering up

(Topic created on: 17-11-2022 07:26 PM)
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Hi, I have an American style fridge freezer, RS53K4400SA, which is not powering up. Came home to find it fully off, no lights etc..No issues before this.

I have confirmed the power cord, my house power outlet (socket), fuse in the plug and on board fuses on the PCB's are all good. Which PCB board is likely to be the problem please?

I have confirmed there is power going to each of the boards in the top unit.

There are 4 PCB's on top.

Fridge Freezer Coil Filter (power comes in here first).

Main PCB

Inverter Board

Main PCB control

May have another sub inverter PCB somewhere else.

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Hi, Just seen your post and sorry to hear of your problem. I have the same model and 2 years ago I had the exact same problem. 

I booked for a technician to come and check it and as he gave an appointment of 2 days later, in the meantime I checked some YouTube videos and was advised to replace one of the PCBs on top. Its the small one measuring about 4" x 4". Easy to remove and replace. I bought it for £70 from Amazon. 

I fitted it in place of the old one and the lights came on. But the motor did not start immediately, so I removed it and fitted the old one back thinking my efforts did not pay off. 


Next day the technician came and said that PCB needed replacement. I told him I already ordered it and what I had done the day before. He asked me how long I waited before removing it and fitting the old one back, and I said about 3-4 minutes. he smiled and said if I needed to wait for about 20-30 mins for the system to kick back into life. He simply refitted it again, same as I had done the day before, and heard the humming sound. Told me it was all ok and should be fine in about 30 mins. Had to pay his callout fee of £79 of course. 

I can't find the video link again but the key is once you replace the small PCB, wait a bit before you give up.

Hope this helps


Mark Lewis
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Hi. Same problem here too.


Do you have a link to the 4x4 boards you ordered to replace? Thanks