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RL41WGTB Fridge/Freezer Blocked Frost Drain

(Topic created on: 16-06-2020 04:16 PM)
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We've had this fridge/freezer for years and it's still going strong. However, we've noticed over the last couple of months ice build up at the bottom of the freezer (sometimes with water spilling onto the floor).


We replaced the freezer door seal initially, but this has made no difference. We've had the fridge/freezer out and can see that the drip pan doesn't look like anything has dripped into it for a while.


So the logical conclusion is that the frost drain is iced up/blocked.


As the fridge/freezer is working otherwise, I'd like to unblock it myself.  But where is it?  There's a panel in at the back of the freezer held in by a screw, is it behind there?  Does the panel come out?  Hopefully somebody has some knowledge - I don't want to start taking it apart without some idea that I'm taking off the right thing :smiling-face:


Also, if it blocked rather than just frozen, do you access the hoses from the back?


Any and all help welcome.