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RF56J9040SR Ice maker frozen solid, won’t work

(Topic created on: 30-05-2020 03:33 PM)

So, I originally posted this on 18/04/20 in response to someone else's problems with their ice maker.
I have an RF56J9040SR that has just presented this problem 1 month after the warranty has expired !
From reading other forums and watching you tube there are literally HUNDREDS of people reporting this as a recurring problem with this feature across multiple Samsung appliances. Apparently it may be caused (or was in my case) by the ice box feature freezing up so there was actually no ice in the box because the delivery is frozen up. The USA info shows a ‘force defrost’ sequence to assist dealing with this however I cannot find any EU equivalent info at all. We have just emptied the fridge, turned off the power and manually defrosted the box ourselves. Would be great if Samsung would provide this information but they seem surprisingly reluctant.


NoticeForMe . . . .  congrats, but what a pain, eh?
See my post: ‎    GlennPsion  22-01-2021 01:34 AM 

"The engineer said it was a known problem and Samsung has a standard fix for it
Yes same with me . . . . the engineer was initially quite coy, but admitted it was a major issue and does many of these a week, and confidently said I wouldn't have any more issues . . .. 2   1/2 years later, no frozen compartment . .. .so hopefully you will be good.



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Hello - newbie here.  Our 4 year old RF56J9040SR developed this problem with no ice production just recently,  We have tried the clearing ice and resetting method but that hasn't worked.  Very frustrating that an item that cost plus £2k that guarantees certain parts for 10 years, has such an issue on a key part of the sales pitch of this product.  Can anyone advise a fix please?  Thanks in advance




Read this forum and my post (sort or search for glennpsion).
Look for US class action law suit and others trying to get EU/UK class action going.
Look at this link:


You need to get a Samsung contracted engineer who knows this machine and this service bulletin.



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Did you get the problem sorted as it's happening to mine, spoke to Samsung they say out of warranty so pay for it yourself! If yours is fixed how much was it and what did they do.

Any way of getting Samsung to pay?





read all the post here, including several replies of mine: GlennPsion

It is repairable. It looks like one way or another many people on this site have got/forced Samsung to send a 3rd party engineer out to repair it. Mine was from a company called 'elite'. No guarantee this is their web site, but I think it is:

Good luck.

Perhaps let Samsung you know of the class action law suit in the stated (read the posts here and reference them) and perhaps send them the Samsung link of the PDF that THEY supply (see post below:


It is absolutely wrong that Samsung don't fix this when they know how . .. . . . it a design fault.

My engineer changed both hardware and software.

EU and UK need to start a class action lawsuit. Alternatively get a solicitor involved with the evidence you have here in this Web forum.


2 years since the repair (2  years 9 mnths since I bought mine),  no issues, and compartment remains frost free and making ice.


9th October 2022: An update.

Soon after multiple defrosts, the same issue came back.
I then tried multiple defrost but with a different tactic: As soon as one has finished start another one . . . .DO NOT ALLOW the ice making compartment to start back up. In fact turn off the ice making. I do not think this allows the ice compartment to rise to the warmer fridge temperature . .I believe it is still held well below zero degree Celsius, hence do the repeated defrost over and over and blow warm air in (not HOT AIR) and make sure they very very back, over the electronics you cant see is completely defrosted and dry. I must have done this several times .  .a few months on, the ice making compartment is 'back to normal' to it repaired state several years ago.


Here is my original post in June 2022:


JUNE 2022

I am in Europe (UK) and have MODEL: RF56J9040SR
I first started having ice compartment issues 8 months after purchase: January 2019.
Samsung contract engineer came round, replaced a bunch of stuff in the ice compartment and updated the software and said this is a well known issue and he does this fix on 100's a month.
2 years 8 months later ice compartment starts to freeze back up.
Hopefully, now forced defrosted and dried, I wont have this issue for another few years!

Forced Defrost:
See these videos and notes:

I would switch to 'ice maker off' first.

Take out ice bucket
Hold "Freezer" + "Cool Select" for 10 sec then let go
THEN PRESS "Cool Select" again.
FF appears on left and symbols on right
Keep hitting "Cool Select" until Fd appears: Forced Defrost on the right
Will start beeping - - -20 minutes. Ice will melt.
Have cloth or container in ice making compartment.
Repeat if not fully defrosted . . .check very back.
Repeated times might finish quicker



We bought our RF56 refrigerator in 2018. So we have been dealing with this issue for a good 4 years. We have had the service here 6 times. We have done sealants on the whole area with silicone, with extra insulation on the back wall, with aluminium tape,.... We have tried and tested all the spare parts that are supposed to remedy the problem. Heated hose, stainless steel clamps, additional plastic parts, all units were replaced several times... because the drain hose was enlarged again at the inlet and so on.... Not a single component on our ice maker is original from 2018. 

There is only one result, there is no possibility to operate the ice maker longer than 6 months without it freezing. 

Attention, even current Samsung models still have the same problems. It is simply a faulty design! The basic defect is that there is no way to switch off the cooling coil for the ice maker. In the long run, ice always forms on the cooling coil and slowly but surely grows through the ice maker.

There are plenty of ice makers in other $500 refrigerators in the US that have no problems, whether tight or not, whether heated hose on the drain or not. 

I have to take away any hope, the faulty design cannot be fixed in the long run. 

The bottom line for us is clear: we will never buy another Samsung product in our lifetime.