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RB34T632EBN Excessive noise

(Topic created on: 04-03-2021 10:31 PM)
Home Appliances

Bought a RB34T632EBN fridge freezer 5 days ago from Currys. Had to get it replaced as the compressor ran almost 24/7 and was really loud and rattly - much louder than the 35db quoted. Received replacement model today...and it’s even louder! I’m thinking about switching it off as it’s headache inducing. Currys have said they won’t replace this one because Samsung engineers have to see it. oddly the water dispenser was almost unusable on the first model actually works speedily on this one. Makes me think there is zero quality control on these things.

anybody have issues with the excessive noise on this model? It’s way louder than my 10 year old Indesit that was here before. I regret buying this. Expected better from Samsung.



Home Appliances

Here is a video of mine total silence between when the motor fires up when doors have been opened a lot or new food items added. 


Your video won't play it says no entry when I try to click the start.

Whats the sound like when you use the fast freeze options?  It sounds like they're on all the time in yours because those options make my appliance make noise. I rarely use them unless I do a full huge refill.

Normal motor fire up is a gentle purr on mine. So I don't care how many technicians have seen or heard it the machine should hardly make a sound.

Is the flooring solid? 

My 22 year old servis indesit F/F was much noisier when the freezer fired up. This same model samsung as yours I have is silent & yours should be the same.