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RB29FWRNDSS Water Leaking Content of my freezer starts defrosting

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Hi there , I am not sure anyone can help. Just came back from work and found a puddle of water leaked from bottom of my fridge freezer. I have it for possibly 5 years now. The last time when it happened, and I contacted Samsung. They said it wasnt the motor issues ( as it makes rattling noise now and then), then I will be charged £75 for labour as it's not covered by the 10 years  warranty.


I checked on Samsung website for support but couldnt find anything .My issues are the fridge/freezer has stopped working from few hours while i was at work and the bottom of my freezer internally have a layer of ice -may well be the condensation from defrosting process.


I do not know what else can i try ? As all the website have delays in delivering a fridge freezer and I worried the fridgefreezer will stop working again anytime. PLease help......

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Has the water come from the the freezer defrosting ? Is the appliance still on for example can you here the compressor running ?






Hi Paul,


The water was from freezer being defrosting. No noise came from back of the FF. The fridge was not cold when I open the door. The content inside the freezer was slightly thawed.


I switched it off and turn it back on after 10 minutes. It was silent for about an hour so , then start making noise again. It seems working now , but not sure when it will stop working again.




Different components will make different noises. The compressor will make a slight hum which is normally located at the back at the bottom. The fan sits in the back of the frezzer compartment behind the cover, which help distribute the cold air within the frezzer compartment. Where does the sound appear to be coming from ?





Initially it made slight hum at the back ,then it went silent completely. It stopped working for few hours again last night.
On the support website , it says just the drain hole, but I cant see where is that. Occassionally, it made like a loud ' TAK ' , single noise from the FF.


If you remove the middle and top freezer drawers and look at the inside back wall of the freezer is there any snow/frost building up? It sounds like the auto-defrost is not working properly (this is the part that makes it frost free). Based on the symptoms It is unlikely to be the compressor though, so the 10 year warranty is unlikely to apply.


Is it possible the door (either fridge or freezer) was left open for a few hours or overnight with it switched on? Even just slightly (the door alarm goes off if it is wide open, 2-3mm will still cause the door to think it's closed). This will cause an over frosting situation and the symptoms you describe. If so the auto defrost won't be a ble to cope and you need to manually defrost, which I describe below.


Your last resort without getting an engineer, but this is a hard one to cope with is to turn off the unit completely for 2 full days with the doors left open, to manually defrost the unit. It needs this long because of the efficiency of the unit, the snow and frost takes ages to melt.  It may not solve the issue either, If it is a faulty part it will come back. If it was door left open it will solve it. Put plenty of towels down around the unit especially at the back and put one inside the bottom of the freezer (take out all the drawers) If you can pull it forward slightly away from the wall. There could be about 2 litres of water to come out.


I hope this helps, if not it will need an engineer.







In the past, I have completed the above which has worked. I have found, that when the fridge is heavily overstocked and the air flow is not getting through then problems start. As with any electrical appliance, always worth getting a qulaified engineer to have a review.

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