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Powerbot robot vacuum machine (VR7000) runs without suction

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Hello, I have a Samsung powerbot robot vacuum machine (VR7000), it was working fine until recently. Now when I start it, it is just running around without any suction. I have to turn it off and on again, then it works, but after a few hours, the problem happens again. Does anyone know what is the problem? 


Thank you.


Hi @Nautuul! Vacuum cleaners: the only place where people want a Samsung product to suck as much as possible. :face-with-stuck-out-tongue-and-winking-eye:


Might seem a daft question, but have you emptied the Powerbot's dustbin; along with checking to see if there's anything that could be blocking the intake on the bottom of the machine?

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Hi AntS, I cleaned the dustbin, the filter, and the brush as well. After a power cycle, everything works normally. Just when the machine is ideal for a while, when i start the machine, it runs around without suction 


@Nautuul : After running through the troubleshooting tool we've got at our end, I reckon you'd need an engineer to take a look at the machine in this case. 😞


I noticed that you're based in the Netherlands, so it may be worth getting in touch with the Samsung Support team there to see what they can do for you (assuming that your VR7000 was bought in the Netherlands/EU region).

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You can try to reinstall the software through the integrated update feature, update drivers or try an older version of software to solve your issue.
From my personal experience, the Powerbot R7000 is an excellent mid-priced robot vacuum. Judged on cleaning alone, it gets top marks; it consistently left all floor surfaces debris free. It didn’t navigate obstacles as smoothly as the Roomba 960, but it gets points for being able to work itself out of jams without any human intervention.

It’s also one of the louder robot vacuums I tested—you can hear it in other rooms even on the Quiet setting—but it’s worth the tradeoff for the amount of dirt suction you’re getting. On balance, it’s the best robot vacuum I’ve tested outside of the iRobot Roomba 960 and the Roborock S5

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I have a Powerbot R7070, so I can't really help you. Try reading this, maybe it will help you


I LOVE robot vacuums. 


I feel like a lot of people aren't too fond of them, but I have a Roomba 690 and it does a great job.


What I do is run my Roomba and then use my Shark Navigator (reviews available here) to get all of the spots it doesn't hit (like corners and around chairs sometimes).


I actually got my Roomba during Amazon Prime Day for just $225...


Never tried the VR7000, but just throwing the Roomba 690 out there as an option if you are still having problems.



What I can recommend is you can read some reviews here and get the right one that fits your budget and needs. I got good one by checking all reviews:
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I have the  Special Edition Stormtrooper™ POWERbot VR10M7010U5/SP and it is doing the same thing. It started a few days ago.


Day 0: Vacuum is running around doing its thing, and then I hear the vacuum motor spin down / turn off. The robot continues driving around my apartment. I press the pause button, it stops moving, then I press it again to resume. The vacuum motor comes back on and everything is normal.


Days 1-4: I have to repeat this after about 30 minutes of vacuuming.


Day 5: I got to run the thing, and it starts but the vacuum now does not come on at all.


I have no idea what could be wrong, except maybe the vacuum motor has gone bad?


I have taken very good care of this vacuum, cleaning the filter after each use, cleaning the brush and removing hair and string often. I only have hardwood floors.


Would love to know if anyone has a suggestion to fix this thing.

Thank you,


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I try to explain in a more technical point of view. All typical power supply do have a basic safety precaution that act like a "fuse| to turn off the power supply. This feature even available down  a 1 bucks voltage regulator. It is triggered by 2 main issue

1) Temp is too high

2) The current is too high


So i also experience the same issue with no suction. Common behavior is

1) The suction stop mid way

2) moving motor is still functioning and rolling entire house without suction

3) The rolling brush also stop working ( you need more detail to be aware of this)


The suction motor and the rolling brush running on the same power supply line based on my observation and the wheels is running on another set of power supply line. So what may be going wrong?


1) Both suction and brush is running on dc motor. This type of motor is sensitive to physical resistant. The higher the resistance, the higher the current and the higher the current  the higher the temperature.

2) This explain why the suction shutdown in the middle of the sweeping run as the power supply getting heat up to the threshold (protection kicks in) and the wheel keeps running without suction.

3) Sometimes the suction not even will start. this may indicate the motor is stuck and triggered instant overcurrent protection . This is because DC motor if cannot move, it drives enormous current.


So how to solve this


1) The sponge and the filter need to be cleaned regularly. This will relieve the pressure on the suction motor in term of air resistance.

2) The roller brush, make sure there is no hair or other similar sort of thing that jamming it. Again if the resistant is higher the higher the current.


I own an older version of power bot and i felt that this needs samsung improvement. Is a good robot but when the vacumm stop there are not alarm or error codes. It just continue running. A simple error code with guidelines should to it. This can prevent people keep on asking in the forum

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