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Poor performance of new auto dose washing machine and heat pump dryer

(Topic created on: 04-09-2021 03:36 PM)
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Home Appliances

I’ve had a new auto dose dryer 1400 spin and new heat pump dryer. I’m really not happy to the point I may sell them after a few months. We previously had a matching hotpoint and they died but cleaned perfectly but with Samsung a big name and we’ve plenty of other Samsung products we are happy with these really disappoint. 
Ive tried short/long cycles, different programs for the correct clothes, adjusting the auto dose to high for more detergent and pre programs like Pre clean and bubble soak but normal everyday stains that came out with our old appliances are not removed. 

And the heat pump is quiet and works great but rips clothes to bits. It’s made holes in garments and I’ve lost track of how many strings and toggles it’s ripped off. Again never happened with the old one and we are not doing anything different.  

any suggestions please.