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(Topic created on: 19-01-2023 11:42 AM)
Stuart Wright
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Home Appliances

I bought a Samsung Fridge Freezer some years ago, a Samsung RB38J7535SR to be precise, and apart from a few niggles easily rectified I have had no problems, and in fact it continues to work fine. However, I broke the Fridge door bottle rack so went to the Samsung Spares website as directed from the main site. 

They then showed a bottle rack available for c£50 or so, and I ordered it immediately and I may add thankfully. Obviously I paid in full. Then I found (not via Samsung Spares communication I might add) That the part was unavailable. I contacted them and they replied with a 'wait three days to hear' email. I have heard nothing not a sausage. I asked for my money back and I received another three day email and then nothing. I contacted them three times. I have had no reply.

In short they have taken my money under false pretences and walked away with it. I remember  a time when Theft was illegal in the UK. They KNOW that the amount is too small to make a fuss about.  Well, I am going to make a fuss; Papers, television etc. I am like that.  I will no longer buy anything from Samsung ever again, and I have a houseful of appliances. How foolish of them to throw away a happy customer for £50.00

I recommend dear reader you take my experience as your own and avoid Samsung, as I went to the trouble and time of creating this account just so that you can read this message. There are plenty of other Manufacturers. It only cost me £50 to learn this; it may cost you much more.



Home Appliances

Hi @Stuart Wright ,


Doesn't sound good at all that, and we'd very much like to have a look into what happened and see if there's anything we can do. If you'd like us to, can you send a Private Message to our @Sam_UK  account with your contact details and any other details or info about your order (e.g. order number from Samsung Spares, link to the page on the Spares site exact bottle rack you ordered, or anything else you'd consider relevant to help us investigate)?


Guide on how to send a Private/Direct Message here if you need it: