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(Topic created on: 22-08-2020 09:39 PM)

So purchased a brand new Samsung eco bubble washing machine on 13/03/18 for £750 got the receipt in my hand! was told when purchasing we would have unlimited parts and labour for 5 years  as long as we activated it (which we did) and 10 years on the motor has the nice shiny stickers on it and everything! so the first fault was it turned up and was a 9kg washing machine not an 8Kg like ordered! so wouldn’t fit under our worktop rang up and they said we would have to take it back to where we got it and exchange it for the one we should have got! So we did but obviously now the Shortly after 2 years it has packed up again! same as everyone else’s by the sounds of it (mother board) so rang up last month when it all started and an engineer came out “blocked waste pipe mate” “not interested as it was awkward to get to baring in mind it works as and when it likes,  so obviously it decided to work that once! he said just ring up if it happens again so keep calling up and being told “ITS OUT OF WARRANTY!!” Well it’s not is it!!!! It’s 2 years old and has a 5 Year ACTIVATED Warranty the live chat is automated I’m sure as it goes round and round in circles! It takes on average 40minutes to get through to talk to someone and if your lucky after 30 seconds your lucky if they don’t hang up on you even when you do bite your tongue! And now I finally have spoken to someone again they say they can’t help as someone has been out once and already repaired it (he didn’t replace and parts just pulled it out realised it was awkward and couldn’t be bothered) honestly give up! It’s not blocked I can promise you that I could drink the water coming out the waste pipe (havnt but could) it’s that clean the filters are spotless it just fills up and then hummmms Even on a rinse and spin starts jamming on 15 and completely stops at 13 minutes same every single time now and no error codes done everything and nobody is interested! TOTALLY FALSE ADVERTISING, being sold as something it’s not and not worth the money your paying if you get the terrible aftercare that we have very disappointed!!!!