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Order Delay and mismanagement

(Topic created on: 03-11-2021 01:25 PM)
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Home Appliances

I placed an order for a refrigerator and dishwasher due to a failing existing refrigerator on Oct 20th. I received three emails from Samsung notifying me that my order was on track for deliver on Nov. 4th. I received an email today Nov. 3rd that the order was delayed and would not be delivered until Dec. 20th at the earliest. I called to determine the reason for this delay and after 10 minutes of handoffs through the Samsung phone labyrinth and repeated requests to verify my address and order number, was informed that shipping is backed-up. 

If Samsung is aware that they are unable to make deliveries they should not lead potential customers into ordering and then delay their order at the last minute. I could have placed this order at the local Best Buy and had the appliances installed already. Why is Samsung misleading buyers and changing delivery dates at the last moment?