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Non-stop beeping

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I just got my new fridge today. I plugged it in and it immideately started beeping. I figured that was because the tempature wasn't where it was supposed to be. After about an hour or so, it still continued to beep every 20-30 seconds. I tried looking for any obstruction just in case it wasn't reading the door was not  properly closed. I found no issue with that. I also noticed that the light wouldn't turn on sometimes when I opened the door. I am thinking that there may be some sort of connection issue with the door.


I would like to know if anyone else has had this issue in the past, and how to fix it.


Model #RB37J501MB1

Samsung Pro
Do you know if the doors were taken off when it was brought into the house? Or were the doors reversed. Does sound like the door alarm especially if the light isn't coming on.

If the fridge thinks the door is open the light will stay on then after a while maybe 10 minutes the light will turn off.

@Cx3SLIP: If you have just plugged in the device then it may be the temperature alarm, as this will sound when the freezer compartment is too warm. If you use the Fridge and Freezer buttons to set the temperature (recommended 1-7 celcius for fridge, and -15 to -23 celcius for the freezer), does this resolve the issue? Can you also try pressing the CoolSelect Zone button if it is currently illuminated, so it turns off. Let me know how you get on.

The doors were not taken off. I delivered the fridge to my house myself with a friend. It's been 2 days and I still get beeping every now and then. This particular fridge was the display one since it was the last one they had in stock. So, what I'm thinking is that due to constant opening and closing at the store, it somehow wore out the door sensor. 


The fridge itself works perfectly fine. The beeping doesn't go off non-stop now. But, when I open the door and close it right after, it starts to go off. If I grab the back of the fridge and push fairly hard on the front door, it stops. 


My question is, should I go through the store or samsung for this issue? It's obviously an issue with the fridge thinking the door isn't shut properly.


Thank You

Thats a tricky one, you need to check your receipt to see if there are any restrictions to the warranty given it is a display model, some stores have different policy's in place. Perhaps give the store a ring. Failing all of that goto the contact us page and jump on the live chat to discuss it further.

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This is obviously a design failure with so many people having a problem.

  • So far- there does not seem to be a solution to make the beeping STOP. SAMSUNG- put out a CODE or a FIX for this issue!!!
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