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noisy washing machine

(Topic created on: 27-06-2022 08:58 PM)
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Absolutely shockingly poor customer service. My 11 month old washing machine started to make a noise/ sound banging and grinding noise yesterday. after manually emptying the machine, recalibrating under instruction by phone, then running empty wash and spin cycle then running a loaded  cycle, all request via the phone, there was still noise so asked to run 15 quick wash while customer services on the phone. not so noisy but still a grinding whinny noise. Then they start with its because I have incorrectly loaded the machine. Saying it will make a noise if you over or under load it. Well i have been using it very nicely until yesterday obviously loading it perfectly all this time. I don't buy it. I have been using a washing machine for 40 years I do know how to load one. Only when I asked for CEO details to write a complaint did the offer of an engineer become and option. I was never given the CEO 's details despite asking 3 times. spent all day at home on the home and on my hands and knees in front of my machine and still banging and rattling. Shocking ill never purchase from Samsung again. non insisting after sales.

Home Appliances

Hi @keb10 

That's certainly not what we like to hear. Could we take the full model code of your Washing Machine please? You can find this on a label on the inside of the door.