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Noisy Samsung RB34T670DWW/EF fridge

(Topic created on: 19-08-2021 07:24 PM)
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We bought a RB34T670DWW/EF fridge around 3 months ago, and so far it’s been working fine, but from time to time it makes so much noise that being in the same room with the fridge gets super frustrating; quite a shame when the apartment’s kitchen and living room form one room. What I find surprising is that checking the reviews - which average around 5 stars - i see only a few complaining about noise, others state that they really enjoy how silent the fridge is. Also, not sure if it helps diagnose the problem, but the back of the fridge (where the radiator is usually exposed, but it’s covered for this model) isn’t warm at all, instead it’s the sides that get warm to the touch when the cooling system is operating - almost as if the sides acted as radiators instead of the back. Anyway, I was expecting silent operation and had this issue even in the first 2 weeks, called samsung service but they said that if I can’t hear it in another room behind closed doors the noise levels are normal… awesome, didn’t know I should have a separate room for the fridge.

Recorded a short video of the sound, and although I recorded it close to the cooler part it’s still unbearable even 4-5 meters away from the fridge: 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

edit: just checked, fridge is level, so that shouldn’t be the issue; also found somewhere the information that it’s indeed the sides the fridge uses to dissipate heat from. I believe I read somewhere it’s the inverter that can be this loud, will research this more. Not sure if noise levels can be measured at home, but it would be nice to see how real is the advertised 35dB

Home Appliances

i have a same problem 😞 any solution? samsung?