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new washing machine needs a new motor?

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So engineer just came to fix a fault with 2 week old washing machine - couldnt change the programme dial. Now its got a code saying it needs a new motor?? This cant be?
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There is something called the 'bathtub curve' which tells us some items will fail very early on - have you heard of 'Friday afternoon' items? The idea is its imagined it may have been rushed when being assembled due to someone being in a hurry to get home for the weekend and not having their mind on the job. That said, if this is really the issue and the motor has failed, it should be free to get it fixed under the warranty and ask to see the defective motor when the technician takes it out and compare it with the new one to be installed. Maybe the technician can point out and show you the failure? It could just be a faulty indication/error code but the technician would be best placed to determine this and simply reset it, if that's the case.
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