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New washer dryer smell


I’ve had my eco bubble washer dryer for around a week and when I use the dryer function it emits really strong smell which can be smelt throughout the downstairs of our house. The clothes also have this strong smell. It smells a bit like an unpleasant new car smell combined with weetabix. The smell is especially strong on our towels. Our first washer dryer was faulty and rattled like mad, so it’s going back, but I’m not sure if this smell is normal at first? 

I have no experience of the machine in question, but before washing any items of clothing, did you put the washer through an initial machine cleaning cycle? This initial wash cycle is essential to remove any substances that may have been applied during manufacture or as a protective measure during storage.
Talk to the retailer or manufacturer and see what they say.
As already mentioned, preservatives etc drying in the dryer during its first few usees may explain this. Aside from the initial clean wash empty, maybe you can use scent booster pellets in the first few washes and dry a few things initially that it doesn't really matter too much what they smell like (hand towels/tea towels) just until the smell goes. If it doesn't go after a few more uses (and assuming there's no smoke or burning smell at all during those initial uses - it doesn't sound like there is), THEN I'd be concerned and contact the seller. If you have a read of the manual, you'll probably find a warning in there about smells during the first few uses for this reason - it sounds like this is normal (so far).
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I've got the exact same issue with my washer dryer.

It's a 2020 model 10.5kg/6kg.


I've only used it 3 days still.


Did the smell in your eventually go away?

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