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New Washer Dryer. Eco Bubble Model Number WD80M4B53IW/EU

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Hi All,


We've just received a new Washer Dryer (model in title) today and were going to install it when we were faced with a waste pipe connector on themachine that won't connect to our mains waste drainage pipe, as it does not fit and won't make a seal.


Took pictures and went to every main dealer in  machine parts and none of them recognised the waste pipe end on the machine or what we could use to attach to our waste pipe to the waste pipe of the machine. One suggested cutting it back, but I don't want to damage the pipe and invalidate the warranty if you are not supposed to do this.


Phoned Samsung support who weren't much help, and have ended up sending us a "coupler" as they think that this is missing from the box, but this not in the instruction manual. However this will take 5 working days to arrive (if it's in stock!)


They also couldn't identify the part number (so what size, length, type etc) in question as the Parts department don't work on Sunday.  As I said, not helpful, and we have no idea what they are actually sending us. I've also looked up a standard waste pipe, and it doesn't look like the one we got included with our machine.


Looking at the pictures, can anyone advise as to what part we could use to connect the two together? We've never had this with any washer dryer before, they usually just fit in or require a very generic and standard connector. These just don't fit! What part could we purchase to fit these together, or is this a genuine error with something not being included?




Standard  Samsung Waste PipeStandard Samsung Waste PipeBlack Waste Pipe connector and grey mains waste connectorBlack Waste Pipe connector and grey mains waste connector



Hi @PN2108 


Did you manage to get to the bottom of this? Has the part arrived from our Support team?



Samsung Support were no help- they sent a new water hose, so nothing to do with the waste pipe. In the end I used a Stanley knife and cut down the black tubing so the adaptor from the mains would fit, on the understanding that this was standard practice and wouldn't affect the warranty. It now works fine and was installed fine, just initial poor advice from Support.


We're sad to hear that, @PN2108 and apologise for any inconvenience caused. Glad you're all sorted now!

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