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Never Received Refrigerator

(Topic created on: 03-11-2022 07:32 PM)
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I ordered and paid for a refrigerator in August.

I had a scheduled delivery date of 9/15 which was changed the night before by XPO to 10/5.

10/5 the delivery never came i called 4 times that day and they said it was on its way, it never came.

At this point i have no working refrigerator in my house, with two young kids this is not good.

I called Samsung and XPO multiple times, and finally they wanted to reschedule the delivery for 11/21.  I went and bought a refrigerator at Costco and had it delivered in 4 days because i needed one.

Samsung told me i couldn't cancel because it was at the XPO facility and what i needed to do is wait for the 21st and refuse delivery.  So i waited to the 21st and no one showed up again.

I then called many many times getting different answers almost every time, but the end was always wait 1-2 days and it will be refunded... Never happened.  

I was told to call XPO, XPO told me i need to have Samsung cancel because i purchased from them (which makes sense).

So now we are at 11/3 and i was assured someone would get back to me in 48 hours (4th time over the last 3 weeks i was told this), have copies of the support chats to prove it.

Does anyone have a better number that i can call or email?  The lack of customer service and follow up is very frustrating.