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My Samsung washing machine is showing an error or information code. What does it mean, and how do I fix it?


Hi all! 


There's a list of error codes you may see on your washing machine; what they mean; and what to do if you encounter them here.


And a helpful, easy video guide on ways to fix/troubleshoot them:



DC/DDC error codes are about the doors, for example.


(DDC is when the AddWash Add Door is opened without  pausing the machine apparently.)


If you get a DC/DDC then:


  • Make sure nothing is trapped in the door.
  • Reduce the size of your load.
  • Check the door/AddWash door is closed
  • Press Start/Pause and trying again.

A 4C error code relates to the water pressure and the machine not filling up with water quickly enough.




  • Water pressure needs to be between 0.5bar and 8bar.
  • Disconnect your Samsung washing machine from the mains and check if there are any damages in the hose.
  • Check the inlet hose for any kinks and obstructions; and clean the mesh filter.
  • Check the stopcock is fully open.
  • Remove the dispenser drawer from the housing, check for any obstructions, and clean the  dispenser drawer.

And your 5C code is about drainage. (Not of the lower field, sadly, Ted and Ralph.)


May also cause the door to not unlock or for the machine to not go into its final spin.


If you get a 5C then try the following:


  • Cleaning the drain pump filter.
  • Emptying the emergency drain hose.
  • Checking the installation/positioning of the drain hose.
  • Checking the hose/spigot is clear.

A video giving some steps on how to clean the drain pump filter (incuding the tip to have a shallow dish and towel prepared to clean up accidental spills - not that I've ever had any spillage related incidents when it comes to washing machines of course... 🙄😉):


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