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My Samsung fridge freeer RL38SBSW is not cooling

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is there a simple reset to this or do I throw it out?


@BryanP29: Sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue. Is the fridge currently set between 1-7 degrees Celcius, and the freezer between -14 to -25 Celcius? If you press the Fridge and freezer buttons on the display, can you adjust/lower the temperature? Please can you also check the following:

- Is the power light or the display lit up? 

- Do both the fridge and freezer doors close securely?  

- Is the device in direct sunlight, near a radiator, or in a room that is warmer than 38 Celcius? 

- Is the device against a wall? If so, move it away slightly to allow for better air circulation

- Is there food blocking the outlet vent? 

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Power light is on

the freezer works fine

door close securely

Not sure where the food would block outlet vent

The product is ten years old and worked fine till this Sunday when the temp in fridge went to 27C


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