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Model: WF80F5E5U4W Washing Machine WF80f5

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My washing machine keeps stopping mid wash cycle. Have you had this problem and had it fixed? Please help if you can (fault history below) WF80F5E5U4W purchased 20/02/15.

March 2017 machine was stopping mid wash, if the pause button was pressed it would carry on and finish.
April 9 the machine stopped again mid wash but would not start again, the drum just seems to jerk/twitch but does not rotate. Switching it back on the following morning it did complete the wash.
April 3.2017 telephoned Samsung, went through drum recalibration and a test spin all Ok.
April 17.2017 again washer stops mid washing cycle.
April 18.2017 telephoned Samsung. Went through calibration again, and other test with the Samsung adviser was asked to do a test wash. The following day the test wash went well and it finished the cycle.
May 8.2017 the washing machine stops part way into a dark wash it was switched off. Two hours later it was switched back on and completed the wash.
May 9.2017 called Samsung again to report the washing machine had stopped again. Again we went through calibration again, unplug it for 30 minutes and then run an empty cycle.


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In my experience if your machine stops mid-cycle (even without an error message) it can be due to a blocked filter or poor drainage. Modern low temp powders can congeal both in the machine trap and pipework and debris can block the machine filter. Checking the machine filter is straightforward. Poor drainage is sometimes not as obvious as it appears especially if your machine is on the same drainage run as your sink or you have a long drainage run. You can also test for this by running the machine and draining the waste directly to a nearby sink (make sure to secure the wastepipe or you will have a very wet foor). If it works normally after cleaning the machine filter then chances are you have a blockage in the drainage trap or pipework. I managed to remove a very large plug of congealed powder from the main drainage pipework (the trap itself was clear) on my machine and it has worked fine ever since . Ideally your wastepipe will be accessible and you can unblock it and clear using drain rods or similar.


So my advice is to ensure the filter, drainage trap and all the pipework is clean and then run an eco drum hot wash to flush through the system. This worked for me (even though the machine drainage trap was clear).  This may not work in all cases however I do think its a good starting point before considering other more expensive measures.


I bought exactly that, I need a little help.
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Have you ever tried to find solution in troubleshooting section of the manual? If you lost it here is online version: - you need page 34

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